About Us

The Portuguese Retina Institute arises to respond to a growing need for specialized medical support in the Ophthalmology area, with a particular focus on the subspecialties of Retina, Glaucoma and Cataract surgery.

It benefits from all the experience and quality developed by the Retina Institute of Lisbon (IRL), with whom it has a partnership for the accomplishment of complementary examinations and treatments.

It provides all the most advanced means of diagnosis and treatment for its users, including the latest therapeutic innovations in the area of ​​Retina, namely retinal detachment, vitreoretinal retinal diseases, diabetic retinopathy and Age Related Macular Degeneration.

Prolonged-release intravitreal drugs and devices are available to IPR users, if necessary on the same day. This possibility of making diagnosis and treatment, as much as possible, on the same day, arises from a continuous joint effort of these two institutions.

The Portuguese Retina Institute has a Clinical Body highly differentiated in technical-scientific level, with connection to the academic area.

It has as institutional culture the discussion of complex cases between the specialists of the different areas and the constant investment in the scientific investigation, in order to position itself gradually for the practice of an Ophthalmology of excellence, in Portugal.

"Because we want to position ourselves gradually for the practice of an Ophthalmology of excellence in Portugal.”

The Portuguese Retina Institute's mission is to improve the health of vision and provide highly differentiated care and prevention in the area of ophthalmology, with particular distinction in the area of Retina and Glaucoma, promoting scientific evolution and quality, without losing the focus on humanization and social concern. Based on evidence-based medicine, technical and human competence of professionals, innovation, technology and clinical research, it is intended to be the national reference in the diagnosis and advanced treatment of pathologies in the area of retina and glaucoma.

Realization of Employees

To be an organization where employees find space for their personal and professional fulfillment.

Social Responsability

To assume every day the social responsibility before the community and other agents of the internal and external environment.

User Orientation

To have a clear orientation towards the needs of our users, responding with the use of the best available practices.

Innovation and clinical research

Maintain a commitment to innovation and clinical research as a way to improve the delivery of health care.

Ethics in Personal, Professional and Institutional Relations

To defend and apply principles of ethics in personal, professional and institutional relations, in the use of scarce resources and in the application of principles of equity.

Quality and Environment

To safeguard and favor the permanent implementation of quality standards and sound and responsible environmental practices.

Creation of Economic and Social Value

Always bear in mind the need to create value by assuming a socially responsible and coherent behavior for all parties involved.

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